White Lotus Counseling, LLC

Welcome to my website and to White Lotus Counseling, LLC. My name is Janet Nash, and I am a mental health therapist and 300-hour yoga instructor. White Lotus Counseling is a product of my belief in the power of the fundamental healthy functioning of my clients and the use of mindfulness-based treatment as a way to enrich psychological openness, learning, and compassion toward oneself and others.

Within the community of Grace Tree Yoga & Growth is a group of wellness providers including mental health services through White Lotus Counseling, LLC. Wellness providers at Grace Tree Yoga & Growth are a self-governed, abundance-based group with a wholistic vision of caring for the entire being – body,  mind and spirit.

At White Lotus Counseling, LLC complementary and alternative therapies, including yoga and meditation, will be integrated into traditional psychotherapy, as appropriate.

Upon initial contact, I will:

  • discuss your concerns and collect necessary information
  • provide an overview of services offered
  • assist in determining the appropriate next steps
  • develop a treatment plan in collaboration with you

Modalities include private sessions, family and group sessions.

The White Lotus is a Buddhist symbol of movement toward enlightenment or prajna (wisdom or understanding). In mental health treatment we have the same goal of movement toward wisdom or understanding of ourselves, those around us, our life experiences and how we give meaning to these things.

To provide compassionate Witness, guidance, and support along the path of recovery is my deepest honor. Namaste (the Light in me honors the Light in you).

White Lotus Counseling at Grace Tree Yoga & Growth is located at 8933 Cincinnati Dayton Road, Olde West Chester, Ohio 45069. To schedule please call (513) 498-7850.

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