Big News About Grace Tree Yoga & Growth Studio

Om everyone,
As some of you are aware, Renee and I have been seeking the yogi/yogins necessary for the continued evolution of Grace Tree. We are so excited to pass the torch to the new owners and stewards of the Grace Tree vision!
Introducing (from left to right):
Please help us welcome them with a big ‘ol Om (high-fives optional, hugs a definite)! They will be your new contact points starting immediately and will be reaching out soon with guidance on who to get in touch with regarding daily operations, etc. If you have been waiting for a response from us to a question or idea, we have passed along your info and you’ll receive contact soon!
Renee and I are thrilled to continue our Grace Tree community involvement by contributing to the vision in an advisory role and by doing the things we are passionate about; Renee through her classes and wellness services, me with my classes, wellness service(s) and along-side Katy Stahl for the new Grace Tree 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program starting in October. We will also retain our Grace Tree email addresses so please feel free to connect with any questions.
Congratulations Janet, Betsy, Dan and Vic! We look forward to enjoying what happens next! And much gratitude and love to all of you. You have shaped this amazing experience and your contribution to and belief in this crazy, beautiful vision brought Grace Tree to life. Deep pranams to you.
Infinite blessings,
Pam & Renee

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I am a mental health therapist and a yoga instructor. My passion is working with people to help them live their most authentic and joyful lives! Namaste. View all posts by whitelotus512

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