2. Grace Tree Wellness

Within the community of Grace Tree Yoga & Growth is a group of wellness providers including mental health services through White Lotus Counseling. Wellness providers at Grace Tree Yoga & Growth are a self-governed, abundance-based group with a wholistic vision of caring for the entire being – body, mind and spirit

At Grace Tree Yoga and Growth Studio, we firmly believe that we all have a “will to life” and a propensity for wellness. That core to our being is a desire to lead a meaningful life, and that no matter what our story, we can each find our unique path when given the environment and opportunity for safe exploration and self-acceptance. Grace Tree’s wellness and personal growth offerings provide a community of open arms inspiring balance, vitality, flexibility, and a sense of meaning and focus. A place to process what is “up” in our lives and incorporate our insights into a more complete whole. And whether you enjoy our classes, workshops, or individual personal growth work, Grace Tree’s a place where non-judging presence with self, others, and our experiences inspires positive change.

Whatever the reason, our physical bodies are our vessels for experiencing this life, and when we feel good in our bodies, life takes on an added vibrancy. And our inner life is reflected in our body. We all know that intuitively as we experience the tension of the week settling into our shoulders or the joy of a grand vista buoying our heart. Truly our bodies, minds, and spirits are each present to the celebrations, traumas and griefs that add up to our life story. Grace Tree is rooted in the idea that because we are multifaceted beings, healing and growth can happen in many ways. So we provide a place to explore different ways of tapping into our Truth and finding what works for this person in this moment.

A full listing of services, pricing and contact info online at www.gracetreestudio.com

Janet Nash, MSW, LISW-S, RYT, Reiki II, Eclectic mental health therapy, eating disorders, body image issues, women’s issues, depression, anxiety (private, family and group therapy)

Renee Groenemann, MA, PC-CR, E-RYT, Cht, Reiki II, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, trauma and grief counseling, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), coping with chronic pain, performance and wellness enhancement, hypnotherapy (private and semi-private yoga)

Donna Lynne Strong Brott, BA, LAc, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cupping, Auricular (ear acupuncture)

Dawn Galvin, Life Coach, BA/MA Education, PCI Certified Coach, Reiki II, Life Coaching, Parent Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching, Children’s Coaching (private and semi-private children’s yoga instruction)

Amy Jones, CR, Reiki II, Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Healing Touch

Betsy Brothers, RYT, Reiki II, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Erica Konya, CD(DONA), ELCS, CAPPA Certified Educator, Maternity Concierge, Private and semi-private natural birthing and parenting classes

Lila Lolling, Energetic healing, Aura cleansing, Raja yoga coaching, Spiritual Guidance

Pam Painter, RYT, Reiki Master, Reiki, Yin yoga and Reiki privates, Private and semi-private yoga

Mary Scoviak, RYT, Reiki I, Thai Body Work (certified), Private and semi-private yoga

Chris Cox, Thai Yoga Massage

Courtney King, Ayurvedic Massage


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